Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in living with us? Here are some answers to questions about our apartments.

Where can I register for the required Renter's Insurance?

Life happens where you rent. Protect your belongings and your home with Renters Insurance. Assurant is our preferred partner for insurance, which means you’re automatically approved for a policy — no matter your credit score or claims history. Assurant gives you options that no other company can, like a Liability Only policy to cover the basics and coverage made specifically for your rental. Grab a quick quote and find the policy that’s your perfect fit. It’s an easy way to meet your lease requirement with simple, affordable insurance.

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is a co-signer. This person must be over 20, have a credit score that is over 600 (for 1 bedroom and studio apartments) or 550 (2 bedroom, 4 bedroom, and shared suite apartments) and they must sign the lease agreement. This person is financially responsible for the rent, should the tenant fail to pay.  Any applicant under 20 must have a guarantor. If you are over 20, and do not have a credit score of at least 600, we require a guarantor.

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What is included with your rent?

Rent includes a fully furnished apartment, hot water, cable, internet, heat, parking, access to our community center

Do I have to fill out the roommate questionnaire even if I do not have a roommate?

Yes, everyone must complete a roommate questionnaire even if you will be renting a 1 bedroom or studio apartment. We use this for building placement purposes. Your application will not be complete without it.

Fill Out A Roommate Questionnaire

What if I am moving in by myself but would like to live with others?

We offer roommate matching for those looking for new roommates. We will use your roommate questionnaire to match you with a roommate (s) based on study and social habits.

Fill Out A Roommate Questionnaire

How do I get approved for an apartment?

If you are under 20, the first step is having a guarantor (see above) complete the guarantor (co-signer) application. You will then need to submit your application and roommate questionnaire. We will first run a credit check on your guarantor. They will need a credit score of 600 or higher to for 1 bedroom or studio apartment approval. A score of 550 is required for all other units. We will then run a criminal background check on the applicant. If everything comes back clear, you will be approved. If you are over 20, you can apply as your own guarantor if you meet our credit requirements. If you cannot meet the credit score requirement, you will need a guarantor.

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What is the approval process for an international student or professional?

You will need to submit your I-20 form as well as your application and roommate questionnaire.  We will review your I-20 and determine if your funding can cover your rental expenses.  If you do not have an I-20, please give us a call at (716) 833-3700 for other approval criteria.

What is the approval process for a non-student?

We are open to the general public. If you are not a student, you must be 20 years or older and have a credit score of 650 or higher. You must also provide proof of your monthly income that totals 4x the monthly rent here and pass a criminal background check. If you are not a student, you cannot be placed in an apartment with a student. This means you will have to rent a Studio, 1 bedroom, or an entire 2 bedroom apartment (rent both rooms).

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Can I pay my rent using my financial aid?

Yes we do allow our residents to pay their rent using their financial aid refund check instead of monthly if they are approved for a rent deferral.

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What is an individual lease and why are the rental rates per room?

At Collegiate Village Potsdam our leases are individual. This means you are not liable for any roommates that do not pay their rent or move out of the apartment. This is why our rental rates are per room. It allows you to not have financial responsibility for the vacant room.